Hans Åkerlund

A Place in Space

Seemingly abstract Hans Åkerlund images originates from an attempt to analyze and restore order, to "schedule" chaos.

The story behind this is that Hans Åkerlund during his frequent stays in Kavala / Greece discovered that the Greek houseswere quite similar in shape, however,  they were irregularly dispersed.

In contrast to the Swedish houses - often lying in a regular pattern, but differs significantly in shape from each other. 

He tries to chart these observations and perhaps create a "cosmic" order.

When he transfers his observations to the image form with a 3D-sketch, a new dimension is created.

It all became a playful and exploratory search of variations, all within strict, restrained, concretistic frames.

To hang these works carefully composed can be a great aesthetic experience.

Moving a major part of Åkerlund's studio to the gallery is exposing oneself for a massive experience.

STUDIO L2 choose the latter option.

It shows an artist's obsession and consistency.

Hans Åkerlund's work creates a place in space

12 March – 9 April

Tuesday – Friday 12 – 17  Saturday 12 – 16

Hans Åkerlunds Studio I -V