PG Thelander

Painter, sculptor, printmaker. Born in 1936 and based in Stockholm.

PG Thelander’s imagery is so special that it leaves no one indifferent. Tongue-in-cheek he borrows motifs from classical art which he irreverently mixes with his own notions.

Every image gives rise to new ideas because art is born out of art. He playfully places irrelevant objects in a seemingly ordinary motif. His pictures aim to surprise us. And they certainly do so. For who does not wonder why there are nuts, screws, staples, and bits of tape here and there on penguins, ostriches, tortoises and frogs? As well as a blue cube or two or an orange carrot or a spotted amanita mushroom? PG Thelander’s imagination is simply inexhaustible…

Louise Lyberg