Many people love and collect shoes

and there are many hidden Imelda Marcos among us.

Historically shoes have often symbolized status and desire for power.

The rich could afford it, the poor had to go barefoot or in wooden shoes.

Why are shoes so important for our well-being?

A Cinderella’s dream?  Status? Passion?

In the art history we met van Gogh’s boots, Goya’s pointy silk shoes,

Degas’ ballet shoes, clogs by Gustave Courbet, Ball shoes by

Helene Schjerfbeck, the list can be long…

But what about the contemporary artists’ approach to shoes?

STUDIO L2 has been looking for footprints and finds traces by

Kristina Abelli Elander

Lennart Aschenbrenner

Måna Grivner

Kent Karlsson

Cecilia Levy

Annika Liljedahl

Tarja Pitkänen - Walter

Sten-M. Rosenlund

Per B Sundberg

PG Thelander

8 September – 6 October

Tuesday - Friday 12 – 17  Saturday 12 - 16


Kent Karlsson

Per B Sundberg

Lennart Aschenbrenner

Tarja Pitkänen-Walter


Cecilia Levy