STUDIO L2 has now existed for five years and shows its fiftieth exhibition
50 (=L)

D O R A   M A A R


Dora Maar (1907–1997) will always be associated as one of 
Picasso’s women (”The Weeping”).
She was an experimental photographer, and was a part of the 
surrealistic circle with e.g. André Breton, Paul Éluard and Man Ray. 
She also worked with the film director Jean Renoir and was a 
friend of Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Dora Maar had her pictures published and she was established 
when she met Picasso. 
This meeting would overshadow her very successful career as 
a photographer.
After almost 10 turbulent years with Picasso 
– perhaps the most important and creative, when he made Guernica – she entered an emotional crisis, and withdrew from the limelight.
Today Dora Maar has become a cult figure and her photographies 
have an icon status.

Due to copyright reasons STUDIO L2 refrain from publishing pictures


12 September – 10 October

Tuesday – Friday 12 – 17  Saturday 12 - 16