The first contact with Eric Langert’s menagerie is a shaking experience and that is exactly what he wants to optain:

You recognize forms, associate and then look again with a WOW experience.

“The human being recieves almost all its ideas, fantasies and models from nature. Patterns, technical qualities, such as stiffness, weight, and refinement grade contribute to our experience of a certain charge in all materials - and this is the charge I would like  to bring forward”, says Eric.

It becomes an investigation of the vision and of our association routes.

His world is populated by a menagerie full of imaginatively composed items. Corks, rubber, shoetrees, everything receives life in a new interpretation and his  ingenuity seems infinite, with a childishly uninhibited creative joy.

His exhibition “My Animalistic Park” has toured and has been shown on around 40 museums and art halls.

You leave the meeting with this unique world, dazed and happy.

9th May – 6th June

Tuesday – Friday 12 – 17   Saturday 12 – 16