Water is an element we cannot live without. Apart from the life essential, it gives us great aesthetical experiences.

Fountains, cascades, murmuring streams, vast oceans or downpour can give us unforgettable moments.

Stockholm is a town with plenty of water, but how many know that king Gustaf III planned a waterfall in the royal park Haga?

Chrisitan Laine, architect and art historian, has researched in this field. The artist Sivert Lindblom adheres to this forgotten project, and sketches a waterfall, that could be realized in Haga.

Art history and the present meet and STUDIO L2 has invited some of our foremost contemporary artists, that have been inspired by water:

Bill Viola (USA)

Christine Jean (France),

Fredrik Wretman (Sweden),

Frode Gundorf Nielsen (Denmark)

6th - 27th September

Tuesday - Friday 12 - 5.30  Saturday 12 - 4

In Swedish

Belanger, Vy över Hagaparken

Bill Viola, The Reflecting Pool

Fredrik Wretman, Theu och Mali

Frode Gundorf Nielsen

Christine Jean

Sivert Lindblom Förslag till Vattenfall i Hagaparken