Bengt Lindström (Born 1925 in Storsjö Chapel, Norrland) worked and lived in France during several decades, but retired to his domestic neighborhood and Sundsvall.

He was one of Sweden’s most successful and well-known artists abroad, and he is represented in all the big museums worldwide.

His foremost hallmarks are colorful paintings with pastose brush draws.

But he had also a less known side: magic black & white paintings, which are loaded and intensive, filled with archaic Nordic power.

The intensity is there, albeit the lack of color.

STUDIO L2 has great pleasure to present Bengt Lindström’s artwork.

During the preparation for this exhibition, we received the sad news of his decease.

The exhibition period has therefore been extended.

1st March - 19th April

Tuesday - Friday  12 – 5 pm   Saturday 12 – 16 pm

W E L C O M E !