An exhibition about Kullahuset’s secrets.

Sten Eklund is a solitarian in Swedish art life. His series about Kullahuset’s secrets have been shown at different museums and galleries during 40 years, and always awoke wonder.

This fantasy product about an exterminated (?) society, which remnants the imaginary professor J M G Paléen discovers in 1849 and meticulously starts to document, is in a spooky way of current interest when we’re struggling with environmental problems and can refer to the greenhouse effect, and the clumsy solutions and experiments to save our planet.

Perhaps it’s also about a feeling of being outside and the inability to communicate with other human beings?

There are many interprets and these fantasy triggering and masterly made images, just improve over the years…

STUDIO L2 shows an excerpt of the original 52 images during the month of February.

2nd – 23rd February

Tuesday - Friday 12 – 5 pm  Saturday 12 – 4 pm

W E L C O M E !

In collaboration with Uppsala Art Museum