(1900 – 1983)

An Odd Fellow in Swedish Art

Lambert Werner is regarded as one of the first
informal artists in Sweden, as a surrealist and spontanist
with an international image. His images have a profound 
anchoring with the large questions - religion, exclusion,
homosexuality. In many ways, he was ahead of his time,
also in his private life, e.g., regarding current topics,
such as HBTQ questions and lived in a partnership.
The meeting with the artist GAN (Gösta Adrian Nilsson)
hade a crucial impact on Lambert’s great art interest.
They remained friends for life. Lambert came to 
Berlin in 1920, to study medicine and it was GAN
who introduced him, to wider artist circles in Berlin,
a vital culture city with an international cloud 
of artists, musicians and authors. Werner interrupted his 
medical studies, after three years, to focus entirely on art.
His debut exhibition took place 1928 in Paris,
several expos followed in Italy, Switzerland,
Germany, The Netherlands etc, but it would last
until 1949 until his art work were shown in
Sweden, at Gallery “Färg och Form” in Stockholm.

23 April – 11 June 2022

Open: Tuesdays -Wednsdays-Thorsdays & Saturdays at 13-16
and by appointment

A newly published book by Kristina Maria Mezei 
” Lambert Werner- An Artist comes out” will be presented