Siri Derkert (1888 - 1973) hardly needs an introduction.

Her artistry belongs to the most significant in Swedish 20th century art.

The decoration of Östermalmstorg's metro station has also

contributed to expose her name to a wider audience.

Her son Carlo (1915–1994) was a skilled and popular art

historian, who made large pedagogic  contributions with e.g.

his art guiding at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

 The artistic flame is strong in the family, albeit Siri’s grandchildren

have chosen other walks of life, the creativity is budding. 

    Tora Derkert, Carlos’ daughter is a licensed doctor and

psychiatrist and has also worked with image therapy.

She has participated in courses at the art school

Gerlesborgsskolan and has always had a need to express herself.

 3rd - 28th September

Tuesday-Friday 12-17 Saturday 12-16

Evening Vernissage 3rd september at 17-19


Siri Derkert: Carlo och Tora

Tora Derkert: Berget II

Siri Derkert: Naima Wifstrand

Siri Derkert: Alva Myrdal

Tora Derkert: Berget IV

Tora Derkert: Utan burka

Siri Derkert:: Pappa