Private View

PG Thelander live by the motto "Nulla Dies Sine Linea"
For 60 years he has worked daily in his studio - a diligent artist

who does not fuss or cry out for attention.

Yet his work has received awards all over the world:

Argentina, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Italy,

Japan, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA...

In his own country, he is not a prophet.

The "finished" works, paintings, prints and sculptures have

been shown at numerous exhibitions. They are documented in

books and magazines.

STUDIO L2 has chosen as its 100th expo to show an unknown

side of Thelanders artistry, which has never been seen before.

Simple sketches and studies from everyday life and museum visits.

These have been made playfully or for study purposes and show

a sharp observer and a true work satisfaction.

14 October – 15 November

Tuesday-Friday 12-17  Saturday 12-16

VERNISSAGE 14 October kl 17-19