During September STUDIO L² will host the legendary photographer HANS HAMMARSKIÖLD. He lived in London in the fifties when he was working for British Vogue as a fashion photographer. Here he describes, in his own words, his experience of those years:


During autumn and winter times, the fog and smog created an atmosphere that lead one’s thoughts to Charles Dickens and Conan Doyle. Lamplighters walked along the embankments of the Thames at dusk igniting the gas lamps using long sticks and when the sun occasionally showed up, it only glowed faintly through the haze from the city’s coal stoves. In the East End, the damage from the war’s bomb raids was still visible and on derelict cemeteries, the ivy had woven a blanket over long-forgotten graves. Markets like Petticoat Lane and Portobello Road lured visitors with its crowds and howling vendors and in the smoky din of the pubs, sports and politics blended with Guinness, ale and a glass or two of Pimm’s No.1.

London in the fifties, a time to remember.....



8th – 25th September


Tuesday – Friday noon5 pm  Saturday noon4 pm


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