Druing October STUDIO  Lē presents the French artist



Bernard Pras has been called the Arcimboldo of our times, but instead of vegetables and fruits he builds up his artwork with used stuff and leftovers that our consumption society offers...


Pras calls his artwork inventions and documents them with a camera (Cibachrome on aluminum). One is struck by the similarities and expressions in a series of portraits of famous persons - Einstein, van Gogh, Monroe, Bacon, Jimi Hendrix or Mickey Mouse, and in the next moment astonished by how they are built up by mountains of clothes, shoes, home electronics and other garbage. These used articles are thus given life again in the art.


14th October - 15th November


Tues - Fri 12 - 17  Sat 12 - 16



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Van Gogh


Marilyn Monroe

Mickey Mouse