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There are over 40,000 different shell species in the world.

Through the times the shell has been frequently used in art, architecture and handicraft.

It has facinated as a symbol or a as mysterious shape.

But the shell is also foodstuff and has been used as a currency in large parts of the world.*

Numerous artists have used the shell as a motive and as source of inspiration.

Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" is just an example.

STUDIO L˛ performs a deep diving into the theme "Shell" during March.

The expo-text (Swedish) is written by Ragnar von Holten, artist and art writer.




Marie-Louise Ekman

Gunnar Frössén

Greta Gerell

Eric Grate

Petter Hellsing

Ragnar von Holten

Margon Lindberg

Sivert Lindblom

Helena Mutanen

Endre Nemes

Britt-Louise Sundell Nemes

PG Thelander



6th – 31st March


Tuesday - Friday noon - 5 pm  Saturday noon - 4 pm or by appointment


*Royal Coin Cabinet

Thank to Bergmans Konstgjuteri



Marie-Louise Ekman




Helena Mutanen



Eric Grate                                                     Petter Hellsing




Ragnar von Holten                                                       Endre Nemes




                   Sivert Lindblom                                    Britt-Louise Sundell Nemes



PG Thelander