The old town is the pride of Stockholm, a part of the town that no tourist misses, but that feels a little forgotten by the Stockholmers themselves.

They who live there, on the other hand, form a miniature society, where they know each other, have a “homestead house” (as in the Swedish countryside), acquaintances, and

see how things are going…


Life in the Old Town is the subtitle of a newly published book that with warmth shows typical scenes, famous profiles, but also unexpected meeting and the modernity thrusting on.

An everyday portray, unlike history books.

Anne Östman has written the text and Christer Löfgren has taken the photos, both domestic in the Old Town, of course…


STUDIO L² has the joy to show Christer Löfgren’s exciting photographies and to present the book during the month of June.

(It can also be purchased to a special price with signature).


The EXPO starts at the Swedish National Day (also official Day of the Swedish Flag) and continues until Midsummer.


6th – 23rd June


Tuesday - Friday noon5 pm  Saturday noon4 pm