F  L  A  G  S


 d u r i n g  t h e  w h o l e  o f  J une!


Flags have always evoked strong feelings. Symbols for power, joy,

belonging and peace on earth, but also fear, threat and exclosure

The Swedish artist ANDERS HOLMQUIST has during more than

thirty years created artistic flags.

Most famous he is abroad, he worked and lived many years in the US and

had the world as his working field. His art works are colourful, the patterns

ingenious and newly-created for a homocratic world.

Indians in New Mexico gave him the name “Rainbow Thunderhawk”

His unique flags fly e.g. at the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts, City of

Baltimore, The Olympic Committee, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Kobe in Japan,

Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles International Terminal…

He has designed flags for many companies and private persons, e.g.

Bo Derek, Georgia O’Keefe, Andrew Wyeth, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Gala and Salvador Dali, Arnold Schwartzenegger, George Bush and many more

He has also created the Rainbow flag for San Francisco’s homosexuals, long

before it became a common symbol.

In Sweden his monumental installations are for example at the newspapers’

DN/Expressen printing house (10x20m) and at the

Karolinska hospital (4x11m)


Preferably these mobile art work must be seen towards the sky and fly free – but STUDIO Lē opens it’s doors widely and hopes for that warm

summer breezes and visitors finds their ways to the Studio at Kindstugatan 3, Old Town, Stockholm


The exhibition will be opened on the ”Swedish Flag Day”


6 - 30 June


Tuesday - Friday 12 – 17   Saturday 12 - 16