Japanese Háta Art


There are many traditions in the land of the rising sun, sometimes hard for us to understand. Art and handicraft on the other hand, are percepted more directly and can be admired by all of us.


STUDIO  shows a unique collection of elder monumental hand painted japanese pictures (Háta).


They have been used as mascot when fishing, hoised when celebrating a child birth or have been the attribute of the samurai. They are used, a little threadbare, but very decorative and have today become saught after by collectors.



5th - 30th December



Tuesday - Friday 12 - 17  Saturday 12 - 16  and after appointment



Yoshitsune Genji, samurai flag (215x250cm)

Samurai and servant (215x400cm)

Eagle-eggplant-Fuji-san (275x365)

Kintaro with redsnapper (320x430cvm)

Warrior (140x250cm)